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Life Through A Traveler’s Eyes

“The world is a book and those who do not travel, read only a page”
-Saint Augustine

I believe I was born to travel and experience all the ordinary and the extraordinary that secretly lives in all the corners of the world. As a passionate traveler, I solemnly pledge that I will keep no corner of the world unexplored, undiscovered and neglected.

New places, people, culture, and experiences are what attract me the most. I crave for making lasting memories wherever I go. I love to travel because that makes me fall in love with my life. I believe life is a gift and if you travel you cherish it. Traveling has always inspired, educated, and enlightened me with all its wonderful surprises. Traveling has always given me a sense of freedom and adventure. It gives me a sense of fulfillment like nothing else can.

Wherever I go I travel like a local because I believe that unless you have dived into the ocean and tasted it you have not experienced the purity of its realms. I don’t believe in the short and simple itinerary. I make my itineraries myself. I read about the places and their history, dream about it and then see it with my bare eyes just to be awestruck and mesmerized. I talk to the locals about the food and survey on the best eateries to explore. The local people tell me all about the best of their cuisines with a lot of pride. And then when I taste each of those dishes that pride instills in me too for a food goal has been accomplished. I hunt for beautiful landscapes just to sit there and gaze for hours. These remind me that life is beautiful, and so is every soul. It just makes me feel more human than I usually feel as the citizen of a fast moving competitive city. I was born to explore and traveling completes me.

As a lover, explorer and a foodie at heart, take it from me, traveling is as easy as breathing if you got the 5 following things sorted:

Documents – Your passport, Visa, Medical Insurance are a must on every trip that you shall ever plan.

Itinerary – Make a well-researched plan of the things you want to do when you wish to visit a place. That saves a lot of time.

Currency – wherever you go always remember, if anything goes wrong your currency will save you.

Emergency Kit – Carry the essential SOS medicines, some necessary food and water supplements to make your journey hassle free.

Attitude – When you decide to travel, you must do it with the right energy, enthusiasm, will and excitement. This will give an awesome kick start to a wonderful journey. And yes, don’t forget to smile.

Most of the people don’t know where to begin. Mister GlobeTrotter will provide you with a first-hand relevant and necessary information about the places to visit, their top tourist attractions, the luxury accommodations as well the budgeted ones, the eateries you should explore, the best time to visit a place, all about a place’s culture, festival, and its people. This will familiarize you with the journey you are heading towards. So Mister GlobeTrotter is your travel friend and tells you exactly what to expect.

So what are you waiting for? Decide your destination, read about it on Mister GlobeTrotter, pack your bags and take a flight. Believe me, it is as simple as that.

Happy Reading!!!

Happy Journey!!!