My trip to Netherlands

Hi guys!! Guess what? Today I am going to share my experience with you regarding my first visit to one of the beautiful countries Netherlands and suggest about the things to do in Amsterdam. As I landed in Amsterdam and came out of the Schiphol airport the fresh air, refreshed my mind and this is what I saw outside the airport.

My trip to Netherlands
My trip to Netherlands

I took a cab and headed towards my hotel. In the midway, I saw a glance of this beautiful city and trust me I fell in love with this city. Everything  is so refreshing and soothing here that it will make you forget all the burden and stress you carry in your life. I clicked few photographs from the cab because I wanted to capture every single memory of this country, pack it in my suitcase and carry back with me. Then finally I reached my hotel Hampshire Golf Hotel Waterland

My trip to Netherlands

Trust me guys this place will make you fall in love with it over and over again. This hotel is inside a golf course in Purmerend which is the suburbs of Amsterdam. The hospitality of the hotel was super cool and  the view through my room window was just breath taking. If you want to stay at some quiet place with lot of greenery, this is the best hotel for that. I just got freshen up and took some rest. It was evening time and I went to explore the city center of Amsterdam which was like 30mins in bus from my hotel. In dark night the place was lightening with cars, city lights and the shop lights. So I was in Amsterdam the capital of Netherlands and it was full of hustle and bustle. There is lot to explore in this city.  It is a city known for variety of notorious things. From the women standing in their underwear behind the windows in full view of the general public for the purpose of offering their bodies for carnal pleasure to the endless presence of coffee shops surrounded by the odor of marijuana, Amsterdam has it all.

However, besides these things Amsterdam is also known for its historic significance. There are various museums in Amsterdam which showcase the history, culture and tradition of the Netherlands.

My trip to Netherlands

On my second day first I went to the Madame Tussaud museum and then to the Anne frank house. The author of the Diary of a young girl. This was the place where she and her family were hidden from Nazis during World War II. So it was worth a visit. Now it is converted into a museum. This museum was opened on 3rd may 1960. During 2013 and 2014 it had nearly 1.2 million visitors. It’s ranked 3rd in the list of the most visited museums in Netherlands.

My next stop was The Van Gogh Museum which contains important works of the world famous painter Vincent van Gogh. Then I went to see Rijksmuseum. It is the national Dutch art museum. It is all about art and history in Amsterdam. This museum was first found in The Hague in 1800 but later moved to Amsterdam in 1808. This museum has 8000 objects of art and history. It had 220000 visitors in 2016. It’s the most visited museum in Netherlands. After visiting these museums I went to Natura Artis Magistra. It is a zoo founded in the 19th century with chimps, zebras, elephants with aquarium and planetarium.

Let me also list some of the other things to do in Amsterdam:


  • Enjoy a sunny day at the Blijburg beach.
  • Take some time to relax at the Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam.
  • Find out all about movies and cinema at Eye - Film Instituut Nederland.
  • Chill out at Vondelpark.
  • Practice your bargaining skills at Sunday Market Amsterdam.
  • Bike or walk around the area of Noord.
  • See a mix of cultures at Oosterpark.


It is one of the major cities of Netherlands after Amsterdam. There are many exotic places and restaurants to go and I had planned to do a lot more. For a fact, let me tell you Netherlands government is planning to shut down the jails due to lack of the prisoners. Just imagine guys, isn’t it super cool, a country which is closing it’s jails due to the lack of prisoners. I also visited the iconic yellow cube houses which rest on concrete pylons near Oude Haven. The Erasmus Bridge which connects the north and south halves of the city. There are many museums in Rotterdam like Boijmans Van Beungen which has masterpieces from Europe and Dutch culture. And then I visited Rotterdam zoo. This city has many futuristic towers and mind blowing restaurants.

Trust me guys if you get a chance to go to Netherlands, never ever miss it. Because this place is worth your visit at least once in a lifetime. And mark my words you will pack up a lot of memories with your luggage.

Signing off...

Yours truly,

Mister Globe Trotter