China Makes You Want To Get Packing

China is very vast. It is as massive as massive could get. It has an amazing diversity of dialects, topographical and climatic extremes. It simply gives you a multi-country feel. This country will spoil you with choices and with its never ending list of places to visit in China. Whether you are a foodie, a cyclist, an urban traveler, a hiker, an explorer or an irresistible museum goer, nothing can beat Chinese diversity.

The reason why I decided to pick china as my next adventure destination was my best friend who had been studying in Shanghai for his post-graduation. Every time I spoke to him, the way he described the Chinese people, the culture, its cuisines, its history and its landscapes, made me want to know more, and explore more and more of this beautiful country. One fine day I called him up made a plan and before I knew I was already looking at him waiting for me at Shanghai Airport. The minute I saw him I knew the brocade was right back in the air. It was a feeling I cannot describe.

From a long list of places to visit in China I specifically chose just two cities for my first visit; Shanghai and Beijing.


Very few cities in the whole world can evoke tremendous history, glamour, mystique all at the same time. Shanghai offers a number of world-renowned museums, art galleries, architectural landmarks, fine old temples, lovely parks and gardens. Shanghai is china’s largest city and the most prosperous one. It is also one of china’s significant cultural and economic centers. It flaunts a blend of west and the east culture. This city rivals Paris and New York in terms of modernity. You can just never get bored of this beautiful and dynamic metropolis.

Places to visit in China

Some of the best places to visit in china belong to Shanghai. Some of my personal recommendations would include The Bund, Yùyuán Gardens & Bazaar, M50, The Jade Buddha Temple, Shanghai Museum, West Lake, Zhūjiājiǎo, Fashion and Dining in the French Connection (Tianzifang),Happy Valley of Shanghai, Shanghai Disneyland, Yu Garden, The Shanghai Museum, Longhua Temple and Pagoda, The China Art Museum, Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, Xujiahui Cathedral and the Sheshan Basilica, People Square and The Oriental Pearl Tower.

Please do try out the local food and a variety of mouthwatering cuisines this city has to offer especially if you are in love with spices. Don’t forget to shop till you drop at Nanjing Street. Before I forget to mention it make sure that you do tryout at least some of the sailing, cruising and wonderful water tours this heaven of a city has to offer.


Beijing has this surprising ability to reinvent itself and experiences associated with it. My friend had constantly mentioned to me that the people of china live to eat,it was only my visit to Beijing that made me believe that china is obsessed with food. Their astounding array of cuisines and the variety of eateries is simply mind boggling. On my trip to china, my stomach found its new heaven.

places to visit in China
Places to visit in China
Places to visit in China
Places to visit in China

It is truly a dynamic city with no shortage of tourist attractions which make a major part of the places to visit in China list. Beijing is also famous for its modern architecture and its ancient historical sites. The best part of Beijing is that is can be visited all throughout the year it an all season city. Some of myfavourite tourist attractions of this unbelievably awesome city are Forbidden City, The Great wall of China, Temple of heaven Park, Lama Temple, Summer Palace, Houhai Lakes, Drum and Bell Towers, 798 Art District, Tiananmen Square, Beijing Opera and Panjiayuan Market.

Please don’t forget to add the Panda House in the Beijing Zoo to your places to visit in China list, if you truly wish to experience love and innocence in its cuddliest form. Association with the pandas in any form will only make your journey to China worthwhile and believe me it is a fat and cuddly cherry on the icing that you will relish forever.

So what are you waiting for, pack your bags and follow your nose right into China and explore to your heart’s content.

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Mister GlobeTrotter