The Dual Treat - Hong Kong and Macau

You can visit the British colonial Hong Kong where the east meets the west, a place that has amazing historic scenes, beautiful landscapes, dining and shopping options. Then you can visit the Portuguese influenced Macau and enjoy its high-end casinos and cobblestone streets. The combination of both the cities makes it a fascinating vacation. All you need to do is research a little and make two wonderful lists; Things to do in Hong Kong List and a list of Macau points of interest.

The welcoming Hong Kong

Hong Kong is soaked in history and culture. Apart from its impressive skyline and mouthwatering and yummy dim sums, Hong Kong has an exclusive energy to offer which is a little difficult to describe and also has a long list of things to do in Hong Kong. You have to be in Hong Kong to feel the enthusiasm this city has to offer. Hong Kong portrays the influences of both ancient Chinese culture and its own attitudes that are different from the mainland China. This city’s commercial persona is intertwined with its Chinese roots, its dynamic culture, colonial connections, and it has homespun talent in a manner that it will awestruck you with disbelief.

Things To Do In Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s sweeping views of its beautiful beaches, sea, architecture, landscapes and its fishing villages will make you want more out of Hong Kong. Here is the well-woven list of things to do in Hong Kong for all the potential travelers who have Hong Kong on their minds.

Victoria Peak, Wong Tai Sin Temple, Star Ferry, Big Buddha and Po Lin Monastery, Temple Street Night Market, Tai O Fishing Village, Ocean Park, Man Mo Temple, Lai Chi Wo, MongKok Markets, Hong Kong Wetland Park, Walled Villages of Yuen Long, TsimSha Sui East Promenade and Dragon's Back Hike.

Before I forget to mention, whether you do anything else or not make sure you take the Giant Panda Adventure. Visiting a Panda can sure be a treat to your inner child. Another innocent indulgence could be Hong Kong’s Disneyland that will take you back to the world that only the child in you recognizes.

things to do in hong kong
things to do in hong kong
things to do in hong kong
things to do in hong kong

Macau - A Festival of Color and Glitz

Macau is best known as the “Las Vegas of China”. This place on the map is the mecca for glitz and gambling, Macau has been a Portuguese colony for more than three centuries. It is a city that offers beautifully blended cultures. It almost gives you feeling of being in literally two places at once. It is an Asian destination that very intricately captivates attention with its significant details of European heritage. The unique combination of Chinese and Portuguese architecture will give you the best of both worlds feeling. You will also notice that the Macanese cuisine has influences from Africa, China and Portuguese. You will be able to deeply feel the blend everywhere and that feeling is great. Macau points of interest are so many. It has something to offer to everyone, irrespective of whether gambling turns you on or beaches give you an adrenal rush, food fills your soul or history makes you mad, this place has it all.

Macau Points of Interest

Some of my favorite Macau points of interest include: Taipa Village, Macau Museum of Art, Sir Robert Ho Tung Library, Ruins of Church of St.Paul, Mandarin’s House, St Lazarus Church District, AFA (Art for all society), Venetian, House of Dancing Waters, Senado square, and if you are a beach lover do not miss the Hac Sa Beach.

Macau points of interest

Now that you have the list of Macau points of interest and things to do in Hong Kong what are you waiting for? Unveil Hong Kong and Macau’s timeless essence and have the time of your life with this dual treat of a destination.

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