Czech Republic - It’s All about Beauty and Love

I have always been a Movie buff. Half of my life decisions quite depend upon which movie inspired me at that point in time. Let me give you an example.  In 2011 I was  in the mood of adding a new country to my bucket list. With this pending decision on the back of my mind, I took two tickets for a late night show of the Bollywood  movie “Rockstar”. Given my track record, the story of a movie is something that usually engages my mind and keeps it active, but this particular movie was different. Surprisingly I was concentrating more on the shooting locations.

And Bingo!!! I hit the right location for my bucket list and that was Prague. It was not before 2015 that I was able to cut off this wish off my wish list. With the right amount of money and a heart filled with love and curiosity saved in my mind for more than 3 years, I finally headed towards world’s one of the most Beautiful Countries that I could have ever visited with my personal list of things to do in Prague.

Things to do in prague

Let me tell you something about the Czech Republic. It is not exactly as popular as France, Spain, Italy and other European countries, but its picturesque nature and stunning architecture and an astounding number of castles will make you want to be the Prince charming to the right girl, it will make you want to fall in love and romance your special someone  like you have never done before. It has a great transportation system and some delicious delicacies for your ever so craving belly.

things to do in Prague
things to do in Prague

Prague- The Happily Ever After Land

This former capital of the Roman Empire has long list of things to do in Prague. I would like to call it “The Perfect European City”. Some of its top tourist attractions would include:

Prague Castle - It used to be the home of the Bohemia’s Kings and is currently the residence of Czech Republic’s President.  It comprises of a number of tourist attractions such as Old Royale Palace, Powder Tower, St.George’s Basilica, St. Vitus Cathedral, and the Golden Lane.

Charles Bridge- It has a lot of historical and superstitious significance. It gives you a marvelous view of the River Vltava and the awesome view of the Gothic gates of this structure. It is the perfect place to romance your loved one the European style, Alas! I was traveling single.

The Old Town Square and the Astronomical Clock- It is Prague’s center of history. It is the perfect place to actually start exploring your things to do in Prague.  You will find numerous old churches like Tyn Church. You will get a feel of the old architecture that belongs to the 11th century.

things to do in Prague

Some of the other places you should definitely add to your things to do in Prague list are The National Gallery of Prague, The Hilltop Fortress: Vyšehrad, The Dancing House,  The National Theater, The National Museum, Wenceslas Square, St. Nicholas Church, The Lennon Wall, The Petrín Lookout Tower, The Strahov Monastery and Library, The Jewish Quarter (Josefov) and The Clementinum.

Apart from the places in the things to do in Prague list definitely include a good amount of time to indulge in the mouthwatering food, the cozy culture and the friendly people. Also please do not travel solo to Prague as it is the only place where I felt regret to travel solo. Do travel with someone that you want to spend the rest of your life with.

I hope You will also Fall in Love with Prague like I did. All the Best!!

Signing off,

Mister Globe Trotter.