Italy - Where the Magic Conquers

Italy is an exquisite treat that offers soul-stirring food, art and landscapes. I would like to tag it one of the best Mother Nature’s Masterpieces. In terms of artistic treasures, this country is incomparable to the rest of the world put together. It is difficult not to madly fall in love with the aura that Italy has to offer. My trip to Italy was filled with surprises and yeah a 100% pleasant surprises.

Already impressed with Italy’s past and present I specifically chose the two most iconic cities of Italy. I picked Rome - the History hub and Venice - the romance capital of the country for my trip to Italy that lasted for 7 long and mesmerizing days.


Trip to rome

Rome - Living with The Past

Do you know what you will love about Rome the most? It is the details that you will fall in love with. Everything about this place has an aroma that will surprisingly attract you. The cobbled lanes, the vivid colors and the hidden corners, anything that catches your eyeball is going to become a treasured memory. Although I am not exactly the history buff, however, every time I think of the mythical events that must have taken place here I am awestruck and overwhelmed. I think Rome does this to everyone that appreciates a rich cultural past.


The first thing I visited in my trip to Italy was the ever so famous Colosseum. Even if you don’t see anything else in the Vatican City, you should at least visit this iconic monument. You chose to skip the queue outside the Colosseum by procuring your priority entrance ticket. The local guide will tell you all about the gladiators and all about the emperors. Believe me, you will love that kind of a story. The guide will help you with your sightseeing. He will take you through the first, second and third tiers, the Colosseum arena floor and the underground chambers, keeping you interested with the history and other stories from the past. You will also have an opportunity to explore the House of Vestal Virgins. This is purely a monumental treat that you must not miss.

The Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Trevi Fountain, Castel Sant’ Angelo, St.Peter’s Basallica, Palatine Hill and Palatine Museum and the Sistine Chapel are other few monumental feasts that you would like to attend and memorize the lovely details.

Venice – The Romance capital

If you don’t believe in love and magic, then make Venice a significant part of your trip to Italy and it is my guarantee that you will feel the presence of both these words from the core of your existence. Even if I leave a corporate slave, who has nothing but balance sheets, profit and loss accounts and income statements jogging through his head, in Venice for 15 good minutes, then this romance capital will make him thoroughly miss his special someone or even better make him return with one. Believe me, I am not exaggerating. Venice looks like a magician’s work to me. Some of the most extraordinary sightseeing spots that this city offers are Basilica Di San Marco, Palazzo Ducale, Gallerie Dell’Accademia, and The Ghetto. Before I forget to mention do not forget to sing a romantic song for your loved one on a never to miss and a must gondola ride.

trip to italy

With monuments, magic and love in the air, I have truly given a part of my heart to this country. My trip to Italy to my surprise was very fulfilling, accomplished and a successful scratch off my ever so long bucket list.

Signing off...

Yours truly,

Mister Globe Trotter