Why Mister GlobeTrotter?

Mister GlobeTrotter is what defines me as a personality. Many of my friends reach out to me and seek information about the places they are planning to visit. They would ask me about which places to visit, how to obtain a visa or help them plan a trip. So for all of you I have made this website where I will be sharing all my travel experiences. I will share all the important information like how to obtain visa, which cities/places to cover, number of days required for a particular trip, costs, accommodation, efficient and economical ways of using the public transport etc. I have always travelled solo and I can guide you through about how to go on a solo trip without much of a hassle. You can reach out to me by sending an email to info@misterglobetrotter.com or by filling up the contact form on Talk To Mister GlobeTrotter page.